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Quod obstat viae fit via.

Professional Experience

Research Staff Member

AI Platform - Performance and Scale, IBM Research, 03/20-03/21

Lead the release of the cloud-native version of IBM Streams as an open-source project under the Apache v2.0 license. Now called OpenStreams, the sources can be found here.

Distributed Streams Computing, IBM Research, 10/17-03/20

Designed and implemented TULIPS, a multi-threaded, ultra low-latency user-space TCP/IP stack for the IBM Streams product leveraging hardware offload accelerations found on the Mellanox ConnectX-5 device family. This new stack leads to 4x to 6x improved network performance depending on the application workload.

Designed and collaborated to the complete replacement of IBM Streams' distributed platform in favor of Kubernetes, resulting in the removal of 80% of the platform code base without any loss of functionality or guarantees such as fault-tolerance. This new design uses the Operator model to expose IBM Streams' core concepts as first-class citizens within Kubernetes. This work was published and its tooling released as an open-source library.

[ low-latency networking; userspace tcp/ip; kubernetes ]

Senior HW/SW Engineer

Core Performance Team, Tower Research Capital, Inc, 10/15-10/17

Designed and implemented specialized networking hardware to minimize latency of various trading subsystems. Said solutions range from bump-in-the-wire data transcoders to more generic network controllers. Single-handedly authored every aspects of the solution: the hardware architecture, the software interface, and the Linux device driver.

Notably, designed and implemented market data transcoders for CME and LSE used as bump-in-the-wire on shared microwave lines were latency is particularly critical. Both transcoders achieved 200ns wire-to-wire latencies and were designed in record time using the HardCaml framework, effectively making them the first hardware trading systems designed using OCaml to be successfully used in a production environment.

[ verilog; modelsim; quartus; ocaml; c++; linux driver ]

Senior Software Developer

Core Performance Team, Tower Research Capital, Inc, 01/14-10/15

Lead the specification and design of the company's tick-to-trade infrastructure worldwide. The role included researching and recommending the proper hardware setup, implementing and distributing the packet logger facility, the automated packet processing system producing daily time series of the trading activities, and latency computation tools to generate tick-to-trade data for each trading team as well as various other network-related metrics. Also designed and implemented a model-driven configuration framework that provides portability, extendability and validation to the company's tooling configuration.

[ c++; python; lisp; ibverbs; efvi ]

Research Staff Member

Workload Optimization Group, IBM Research, 07/11-01/14

Explored the use of RDMA-capable, low-latency, high-performance network fabrics to enable next-generation NoSQL data stores and real-time BigData analytics. Revisited common data store issues such as persistence, high-availability, and distributed transactions using the shared memory paradigm.

[ c++; ibverbs; rdma ]

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Workload Optimization Group, IBM Research, 10/10-07/11

Investigated the exploitation of low-level, hardware acceleration mechanisms inside complex, multi-layered application workloads such as business rules management systems and database clients. Investigated solutions to bring zero-copy memory transfers to high levels of commercial software stacks. Implemented a RDMA-based memory update engine over Infiniband and RoCE using uDAPL.

[ c++; simd; rdma ]

Research Associate

System-Level Synthesis Group, TIMA Laboratory, 09/05-10/10

Designed and implemented DNA-OS, a generic, component-based operating system kernel which targets heterogeneous, multi-core system-on-chips. Using a micro-kernel design, it manages threads, messages, semaphores, dynamic memory, I/Os, drivers, and file system modules. Designed and implemented a component-based, automated environment to generate embedded applications. It includes the support of RISC, DSP, and micro-controller processors while successfully making use of the DNA kernel.

[ c; assembly; arm; mips; sparc; dsp; mpsoc ]


Doctorate in Computer Science

System-Level Synthesis Group, TIMA Laboratory, 09/06-10/10

This dissertation shows that complex, embedded software applications can effectively operate heterogeneous MP-SoC with respect to flexibility, scalability, portability, and Time-To- Market. It presents an improved embedded software design flow that combines an application code generator, GECKO, and a novel software framework, APES, to achieve a high level of efficiency. Our contribution is twofold: 1) an improved embedded software design flow with several tools that enable the automatic construction of minimal and optimized binaries for a given application targeting a given MP-SoC, and 2) a modular and portable set of software components that includes traditional operating system mechanisms as well as the support for multiple processors.

Open-Source Software

Name Language Role Description
ace C++ Author Versatile configuration authoring/parsing system
bitstring OCaml Maintainer/Author Bit stream manipulation library
minima.l C/Lisp Author Minimal Lisp interpreter
openstreams C++/Java/SPL Maintainer/Author Streams computing environment
ppx_hardcaml OCaml Author PPX extension of HardCaml
ppx_deriving_hardcaml OCaml Author PPX extension for HardCaml types
tulips C++ Author Ultra-low latency user-space TCP/IP stack



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